GUJARAT & M.P PACKAGE:- What if you were told you that you would be able to experience one of the longest coastal lands, the world’s largest white desert, coastal temples, the first national marine park in that country, primal Buddhist cave, the habitat of the Asian Lion, Harappa’s forts and arts and crafts, all in the same country of holidays, almost 4000 years ago? Is it not like a tourist paradise? All this and much more, Gujarat Tourism delivers!

A state in western India is a combination of culture, nature, heritage and traditions, which is absolutely a necessity for visiting and exploring such sites. Gujarat is a state in west India. Pakistan, the Arab Sea on the southwestern border of the state, Rajasthan on the north and Madhya Pradesh on the east of Gujarat are situated on the north-western border of the country. Gujarat is India’s seventh biggest country in terms of territory.

Gandhinagar is the capital city of Gujarat, which is also one of the region’s major tourist towns. Saurashtra and Kutch is located in a peninsula part of the desert and part of the marshes. We provide some of Gujarat’s best packages depending on your interests and some of Gujarat’s cheapest tours packages that you may select based on your budgets.

Ahmedabad, Anand, Bharuch, Bhavnagar, Kutch, Aravalli, Porbandar, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara and Valsad are the main tourist cities in Gujarat. Have a look at the overview of the top locations to visit in Gujarat when on tour packages in Gujarat.

● Ahmedabad

The important tourist towns of Gujarat include Ahmedabad, Anand, Bharuk, Bhavnagar, Kutch, Porbandar, Rajkot. See the overview of Gujarat’s finest destinations when it comes to Gujarat tournament packages.

Popular tourist spots in Ahmedabad;

● Gandhi Museum
● Dada Bhagwan Temple
● Vintage car museum
● Adalaj stepwell
● ISKCON Temple
● Kankaria lake
● Sabarmati riverfront and Ashram
● Jama Masjid
● Calico museum of Textiles
● Hathee singh temple
● Sarkhej Roza


Besides being Gujarat’s administrative capital, Gandhinagar is also known as the cleanest town in Asia on the western banks of the river Sabarmati. This town is interestingly named following Mahatma Gandhi, and with Chandigarh is also one of Indian’s first planned cities. In this town there are more people with many parks, gardens, monuments and beautiful town buildings. In this city there are so many sites of interest mentioned below.

Major Tourist spots in Gandhinagar;

● Hanuman Temple
● Blackbuck National Park
● Mahatma Mandir
● Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park
● Capital Complex
● Sarita Udyan
● Childrens Park
● Rani Roopmatis Mosque
● Swaminarayan Temple


Kutch is a lively city with many colours and culture and an amazing rustic nature landscape. The meaning of the Kutch name might be wet and dry and metaphorically interpreted, tortoises in Sanskrit are also referred to as kutches. The art and architecture seen here has gathered through the years, from the civilizations of the Indus Valley to the Rao Dynasty. Also known as the biggest salt desert in the world is the Grand Rann of Kutch.

Places to see in Kutch

● Local markets of Bhuj and Anjar
● Beach walk in Mandvi
● Indus valley civilization sites in Dholavira
● Rann of Kutch
● Indo-pak border in Rann of Kutch
● Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary
● Kala Dungar
● Hodko Village


Rajkot was formerly Saurashtra’s major capital and is now a developing centre for tourism and business. This is the fourth largest town on the banks of rivers Nyari and Aji in Gujarat. Established in 1612, the city served in the Kutch, Saurashtra and Northern Gujarat area as administrative hub, which included approximately 400 States. Also known for its proximity to Mahatma Gandhi’s life, the city provides Gujarat the greatest travel packages.

Major Tourist spots in Rajkot:

● Lady Wilson museum
● The rotary dolls museum
● Rashtriya Shala
● Radha Krishna temple
● Watson museum and library
● Mahatma Gandhi house
● Shri Swaminarayan temple
● Shri Sai Baba temple
● Lang library


Surat is India’s fastest developing city and has several titles, including India’s ‘sticking capital,’ India’s diamond powerhouse and India’s textile metropolis. This town is renowned among fashion industry businessmen, worldwide diamond dealers, and art enthusiasts as well. Tourists to that city are attracted by the strong historical links with the gorgeous shoreline.

Major Tourist spots in Surat:

● Bardoli
● Surat castle
● Mugal Sarai
● Old fort
● Hajira, Chintanamani Jain temple
● Sardar Patel museum
● Suvali
● Ambika Niketan temple
● Nargol
● European tombs
● Parsi Agiari
● Tithal beach
● Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium
● Dutch Garden


Vadodara is still known to its inhabitants as Baroda and is the third biggest city in Rajkot. It is located on the banks of the Vishwamitri River and from Ahmedabad to the southeast. A great example of Indo-Saracen architecture is the Laxmi Vilas Palace, which has since been partly turned into a museum and is also a must in the town.

● Major Tourist Spots in Vadodara:

● Nyaya mandir
● Kirti mandir
● Sardar patel planetarium
● Laxmi vilas palace
● Khandaro market
● Baroda museum
● Maharaja Fatehsingh Museum
● Maharaja Sayajirao University
● Tejgarha tribal academy
● Pavagadh-champaner
● Dakshinamurty Temple
● Statue of Unity
● Tambekar Wada


The reason you love to travel is Madhya Pradesh. This distant sensation of home, with the convenience that it is really close enough. It is not surprising that Madhya Pradesh holidays have grown quite popular in recent years, for families, friends, couples and solists alike.

Tour packages from Madhya Pradesh are ready to organise an improvised getaway for you, or they may be customised for an advanced trip.

Check out our packages for a thorough overview of what to anticipate and what is available. Where you can receive an in-depth perspective of the things to do in Madhya Pradesh, the best time to see Madhya Pradesh and what places to visit in Madhya Pradesh and more, to arrange for you the finest package for Madhya Pradesh.

Highlights of MP Tour Packages

Madhya Pradesh is the place where a lot of the variety of India collides. The state is located right in the middle of the country and shares its border with Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra. Madhya Pradesh is a modern place with an amazing history which can be traced back to really ancient times. Each structure consists of its palaces, monuments, cities and religious locations. See all or a handful of them, from the Bhimbetka Rock Shelters to the temples of Khajuraho and Gwalior Fort, using Madhya Praguesh packages for the tourist sector.

But it’s not all for Madhya Pradesh tourism to get a gleaning look at its rich history and culture. There is also a rich and prosperous natural heritage in the State. The kind was discovered in just a few places worldwide. Six large wildlife reserves, comprising 25 sanctuaries and the beautiful mountain ranges of the Satpura and Vindhya Mountains, are home to many floral, unique and migratory species.

There’s no joy stopping. Madhya Pradesh boasts dynamic festivals and festivities and a tribal culture that challenges contemporary times. Take part in colourful cultures and traditions on your MP trip packages.

Touristic packages from all major towns and villages in India, including Mumbay, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Cochin, are available for Madhya Pradesh. Our travel specialists have been responsible for this for your comfort and simplicity. Make your next vacation, your finest vacation, with Thomas Cook alone.

How to reach Madhya Pradesh

The central position of Madhya Pradesh and its dynamic tourist centre make it very connected from and to the cities of Madhya Pradesh. You think it’s better to reach MP. For your Madhya Pradesh trip, you may anticipate to travel by your favourite transport option –air, road or train.

Reaching MP by Air

You may go to one of five airports – Indore, Bhop-al, Gwalior, Khajuraho and Jabalpur – if you want to travel into Madhya Pradesh. Find flights simply and efficiently from all major Indian cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Kochi, Bangalore, and other major international airlines. International flights from hubs like Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok are also welcome at the airports in Madhya Pradesh.

Reaching MP by Rail

Madhya Pradesh is properly a main rail link, with trains from all across the nation. With its strategic location. Bhopal Railway Station is the principal railway station in the state and serves as a stopover for popular trains such as the express train Rajdhani and Sha-tabdi Express. Some of these include Gwalior, Indore, Jabalpur, Ratlam, Ujjain, Pur Bilas and Bina. Railway travel from and to Madhya Pradesh are easy and cosy, particularly when you make all your preparations with the proper travel partners.

Reaching MP by Road

There are several national highways in Madhya Pradesh, therefore you’ve discovered one if you’re seeking for an amazing journey! You may drive from or even further away from any of the surrounding states. If you do not want to drive for long-haul hire from all the main Indian cities by yourself and private vehicles and taxis. In the meanwhile, there are various public and private bus services to and from the towns, from the deluxe to the ultra-luxury Madhya Pradesh cities.

Travelling within Madhya Pradesh

Upon arrival, it is very easy to move throughout Madhya Pradesh. Domestic flights are the most practical and time-saving for extremely lengthy travels. Road travel is most frequent over shorter distances. In this way the genuine Madhya Pradesh tourism may be seen in between its destinations. Bhopal, Pachmarhi, Orchha, Khajuraho and Indore to Mandu are all top-class road tours inside the state. While cabs and buses are also available, it is advisable to reserve them in advance in your trip package in Madhya Pradesh.

Best time to visit Madhya Pradesh

When you question about Madhya Pradesh’s finest time, the answer is dependent on what type of MP travel packages you’re looking for and the yearly seasons. The state has a diverse terrain, which means that at various heights, different temperatures may be noticed. But summer, moonsoon, and winter are the general seasons. The winter months are often regarded as the finest time to spend a vacation in Madhya Pradesh.

Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

Kanha Tiger Reserve – Must visit on your Madhya Pradesh Tour

You may explore the actual jungles inspired by The Jungle Book only on an MP trip package. Find out your Mowgli and enjoy in its magnificent natural environment the excitement of being surrounded by wild creatures. With regard to the Kanha National Park, this includes hectares of Maikal Forest, which include large and tiny animals such the Bengali tigers, pantheons, barkings, local deers and hundreds of plants. Jungle Lodge stays and open-top safari trips are the finest experiences while visiting the Kanha Tiger Reserve National Park with all reservations taken care of in advance when travelling with a tour package for Thomas Cook Madhya Pradesh.

Gwalior Fort – A place to watch out for on your trip to Madhya Pradesh

The majestic Gwalior Fort is an important architectural and cultural feature of Madhya Pradesh vacations. Built in the Medieval period by Raja Man Singh Tomar from Tomar Dynasty, the fort is a singular sight, in a town with an enormous royal tradition. Gwalior Fort is a wide impressive building adorned with unique sculptures, combining Indian and Chinese architecture with themes.

Dhuandhar Waterfalls – A major attraction on your MP trip

Go to Jabalpur for one delightful natural marvels, the Dhuandhar Waterfalls, from Madhya Pradesh tourism. The name depicts those splendid falls, as they sink down to a heavy, smoking spray that fills the air, around 30 metres below. It is perched on marble rocks of the Narmada River, a compelling natural spectacle in itself, that makes this unbelievable sight even more fascinating. This is certainly one of Madhya Pradesh’s most frequented tourist attractions! Wherever you can, you may see not only the falls from specific observation points, but also take a calm boat trip, an exhilarating cable car ride and a quiet picnic on the banks of the river.

Rajwada Palace – A mist visit historic palace in Madhya Pradesh

The Indore Rajwada Palace is one that should not be missed in a long line of historical royal monuments in Madhya Pradesh. Constructed almost 200 years ago by the Holkar Dynasty, this wonderful wood and stone edifice is a perennial emblem of the great legacy of the city, located in the centre of town.

The archaeological site Bhimbetka Rock Shelters goes back to prehistoric periods – the stone era. Discover more than 500 rock shelters, many with cave art as well. All of Madhya Pradesh’s stops in Bhopal allow you to get to Bhimbetka for a whole day.

Things to do in Madhya Pradesh

Go on an adventurous safari on your Madhya Pradesh trip

Fauna is an intrinsic component of tourism in Madhya Pradesh. The Kanha National Park, Panna National Park, Pench National Park, Bandhavgarh Reserve and Satpura Wildlife Park are some of the prominent National Parks for MP visitors.

On your next Madhya Pradesh tour, Trek to Doopgarh

A magical trek up the highest peak of the Satpura Mountains is an experience to remember for a lifetime.

Sail through scenic marble rocks in MP

The Narmada River runs through Madhya Pradesh and has numerous beautiful views. The marble rocks are the most beautiful. Take one of the boat excursions on site, for a magnificent 360-degree view of the natural phenomena.

Take a spiritual tour of the temples across Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is an ancient, mediaeval and modern temple-hopping paradise with holy sites of religion across the country. Madhya Pradesh contains complete temple cities such as Ujjain, Orc-ha, Omkareshwar and Maheshwar where many faithful and spiritual seekers go on their heavenly blessing pilgrimage. The Bhojeshwar Temple, Teli Ka Mandir in Gwalior Fort, and the Sun Temple are the most popular temples for visiting.

Experience a thrilling cable car ride

The Dhuandhar Ropeway at Madhya Pradesh is the perfect way to pump the Dhuandhar waterfalls and to watch the shimmering marble cliffs of Bhedakhat from a spectacular sight of the birds.



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