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Complete Tour Package

We provide you with a full combination of transport, accommodation and food. We take your safety and security into account. Full pleasure is guaranteed.

We have partnered with some of the big insurance to provide you complete insurance coverage of your tour. Full coverage of the full trip in partnership with most trusted companies

Earn While Travelling

Mangal Darshan Yatra provides you with an incredible opportunity to make money without hard labour. You simply have to pay 2000 INR into the basic plan and add level 0. One packet of the sort.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Earn While Travelling you just need to visit earn with us page on mangal darshan yatra website, see the plans and start earning thousands per day depending upon your commitment towards company.

Your total Earn While Travelling depends upon total person added to the mangal darshan yatra family directly or indirectly. For each person added directly by you, you will be awarded Rs. 1000 and if any person will be added by the person that has been added by you, you will be awarded Rs. 1oo per person.

Long journey will be there through trains and ticketing responsiblity will be of the company. You can Earn While Travelling by interacting with prople and reffering tghem to book a tour with us.

Sleeper (SL) Class ticket will be provided to you for the whole journey so that you can Earn While Travelling.

Yes, one of our team member will be there to guide you during the journey, At each and every place a specified guide will be provided to you let you know each and every thing about the places.


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